One place for all your death certificates

Manage your declarations of death, requests for cremation and purchase concession in one clear dashboard.

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    Funeral directors

    • Manage certificates and documents
    • Simply request a cremation certificate
    • Automate administration
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    • Deliver cremation certificates digitally
    • Optimizing communication with funeral directors
    • Stronger link with municipalities
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    • Collaborate more efficiently with funeral directors and crematoria
    • Share data faster and easier
    • Keeping up-to-date on cremations
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    Software companies

    • Integrate securely with municipal data
    • Link existing software packages together
    • Collaborate with funeral homes, crematoriums and municipalities
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Municipalities with Clarus

Participate with your municipality
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Digital marketplace

  • For all related services
  • Selling to funeral directors
  • Centralized platform with simplified accounting
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