About Clarus

Clarus is a new digital platform for municipalities and funeral directors to register a death online.

How does it work?

Thanks to Clarus, many functionalities are brought together in one platform and the declaration of death, the request for cremation and the purchase of a concession can be done much faster and digitally.

This allows the funeral director to save on various trips and/or telephones. From now on, he can enter all the details of the deceased on one screen and at the same time declare a death, arrange a cremation and purchase a concession at the cemetery without the municipal employee having to retype this information.

Efficiency gains for all parties involved.

For municipalities and funeral directors

From now on, the funeral director from your municipality will be able to report a death via this platform and request permission for cremation. All data will be transferred directly to the systems you trust. After all formalities have been completed, the certificate of death and the authorization for cremation can be sent directly to the funeral director and the crematorium.

All applications and documents received are conveniently stored in one dashboard so that it is clear to both the municipality and the funeral director what the status is of each declaration.

Municipalities with Clarus

If your municipality does not yet work with Clarus, you can follow a free webinar where we demonstrate how Clarus works.

Meet Clarus

Would you like to take a look at CLARUS right away? Register now for one of the webinars and we will show you CLARUS and inform you about the advantages of integration with your civil registry applications:

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You can also request a non-binding information session with a subsequent demo and questions. We are happy to explain how Clarus can help you with the operation of your administration.

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Company information

Clarus is a project by Cipal Schaubroeck, Starfisk, Pontes and Remmicom.

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8310 Brugge
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